Derma Rollers! Are They The New Anti Aging Device?

Have you seen celebrities selfies with blood all over their face? This was created by a dermapen which has multiple deep penetration needles used to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres to make skin smoother, glowy and youthful. This method is known as micro-needling. Even though this sounds painful and very invasive, LUCKILY there are less extreme and less painful methods to achieve a similar result thanks to Derma rolling.

What is Dermarolling?

Derma Rollers are a form of micro-needling and involves a mini wheel with hundreds of tiny needles to gently prick the skin. Does it hurt? No. Although every individual is different. The harder you press it into the skin, the more uncomfortable it may feel, however, it should never 'hurt'. It is often described as feelings of sandpaper. Derma Rollers come in many size lengths however, dermatologists recommend 0.25 - 0.3mm is the optimum home length to gain desired results. 

What is Derma Rolling and What are the Benefits?

The tiny controlled wounds that the Derma Roller makes, initiates the body's wound response. Through this response, the body stimulates the need for healing and new cell growth. This encourages new blood vessels and elastic fibres, increases oxygen in the skin cells and leads up to 400% of increased collagen in the dermal layers giving a more youthful, tight complexion. This response helps treat acne scarring, refines pores, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, increase product absorption and provides lifting, firmness and rejuvenation to the skin. 

How do you Use a Derma Roller?

It is ESSENTIAL to ensure hands, skin and the roller is clean or sterile to ensure there is no presence of bacteria. We recommend a type of antiseptic spray to do this for example, Iscol which can be found at your local chemist. By spraying this onto the device, waiting around 60 seconds for evaporation to occur, bacteria can be eliminated without the need to touch or wipe it.
Roll the device horizontally over the face, neck or your desired area (it is common to use the roller on stretch marks i.e stomach, arms etc). Once rolled horizontally, roll the device vertically over the area up the three times or until desired. A little tip: If rolling the nose, work downwards. After rolling, skin may appear red however, this will subside over the next few hours. After rolling, it is the perfect time to continue with your skin care routine as penetration will be the deepest at this time. We recommend the JVERA Botanical Repairing Serum to allow optimum penetration and absorption of the active natural product and its ingredients. This step is great to speed up the collagen-stimulation process and brighten complexion. Following this, the JVERA Botanical Day or Night cream is applied to moisturise, protect and ensure optimal healing. If you are using your roller during the day it is ESSENTIAL to put the Botanical Day Cream on or another form of SPF to protect your skin from UV Rays as this can aggravate the skin upon healing. It is advised to use the Derma Roller once to twice a week depending on individuals skin.
Important tip: Be cautious if you suffer from cold sores. Often this process can stimulate unwanted sores.

When Will You See Results?

 Often individuals see results almost immediately particularly with tightness and firmness. By using the roller once a week to begin with then moving onto twice or three times per week after the skin has built up a tolerance is important. The smaller the needle, the more frequently you can use it. Collagen can take some time to regenerate and due to this you should see results within a month of use. 

View JVERA's Derma Roller options Here.



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