Our founder, Juanita Intervera holds the inspiration and vision of JVERA as we know it. Since she was a child her passion to create beautiful skin began from her own suffering from extensive skin reactions, cold sores, chronic redness and sensitivity that made her own skin appear unsightly and unattractive. She found herself always seeking for a western 'cream' that in the end only provided a short-term fix with no solution.
She then decided to look elsewhere. The search began from her upbringing with her family on an organic produce farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, where she learnt from a young age what, where and why naturally sourced ingredients are important for the body, inside and out. She also spent time living in the rain-forest of Halawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaii, where extensive emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual understanding to the very essence of life of the earth and the healing power it harnesses upon us as humans. From this foundation of an awareness of natural healing and plants qualities, Juanita further attained The Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science which gave her the skills and further clarified that the key to restoring the skin is through the power of nature.
Since choosing natural, organic products, many of Juanita's skin reactions have calmed and luminosity has been restored as desired. It is JVERA's vision to educate, guide and support clients along their skin care journey so they too can achieve the confidence they desire. Wrinkles, dullness, uneven colouration, roughness and the overwhelming feeling that ageing is on the horizon has been transformed into bright, glowing, radiant, healthy, youthful skin where self-confidence is restored.
 Australian made, natural, vegan, cruelty free and organic ingredients are the foundation of JVERA products as a whole as we strive to deliver confidence to people all around the world. Everyone has the chance to not only feel beautiful, but look radiantly youthful.

Start your Journey TODAY and Begin Your Transformation 

If you wish to talk to Juanita more about her experience, values, vision or JVERA, feel free to send us an email, info@jveraaustralia.com